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Полное описание

YZ-P4.8 Indoor LED Display

【Product Model NO.】:YZ-P4.8
【Best Viewing Distance】:4-30m
【Product overview】:Gloshine P4.8 indoor full color display, It is main made up of three colors: red, green and blue; Resolution 43402dots; Pixel Pitch 4.8mm; Cabinet size: 576mmx576mm; Module resolution 40*60, Cabinet weight 11.2kg.
【Applications】:Shopping center, Hospital, Bank, Enterprise and public institution, Exhibition hall, Stadium, Ticket hall, Hotel, Security company, Shopping mall, Business, School, Stage, Bank, Security, Transportation, Commercial, Electricity, Customs, Hospital, Park, Airport, Auto show, TV station.

Indoor LED display introduction:

1.Advanced and reasonable system design, stable display effect, easy installation and maintenance.
2.Work around the clock:Color fidelity, high refresh rate, antistatic, dust-proof, good heat dissipation, cost-effective .
3.Using the program editing and player software, using mouse to edit, add, delete and modify text, graphics and images, arrangement of the contents stored in the control card, play back information by Program table automatically cycle.
4.High brightness: In the visual distance, the content on the display remains clearly visible in the direct sunlight.
5.Good viewing angle: both in the horizontal and vertical viewing angles are so wide that it is suitable for the environment of wide Horizontal distribution and large drop height.
6.Favorable effect: using the nonlinear correction technology makes the image clearer and the layering stronger.
7.High reliability: using distributed scanning technology and module design technology make higher reliability and stability.
8.Diversified display mode: support a variety of display modes.
9.Convenient operation: when the computer edits content and sends it to the system control card, the edited content can be displayed on the screen,it is easy to operate the system.

Gloshine indoor LED display features
●High resolution:
erfectly creating high resolution pictures and delicate colors, to a certain extent, it can be comparable to LCD.
●Ultra-long life:
Gloshine chooses high quality Light-emitting components as the core material of the display and uses its own patented circuit board design to guarantee for the life of the product fundamentally.
●Wide viewing angle:
both in the horizontal and vertical viewing angles are so wide, it is suitable for the environment of wide Horizontal distribution and large drop height.
●Stable performance:
Gloshine takes a special method to help the display to resist electromagnetic, it is an important technology that allows Gloshine display to remain stable. Using distributed scanning technology and module design technology makes higher reliability and stability.
●Delicate picture:
with the nonlinear correction technology creating a perfect display, vivid and various animation effect, smooth and realistic video effect.
gloshine exhibition patented kit design well controlled splice error between modules within ±0.1mm; easy to install, can be customized to any shape as requested.
●High Level up degree:
Our patented mask with uniform color, ensure high contrast ratio of the whole screen; flatness,softness,no protruding when fingers touch.
●High quality raw materials:
High quality LED display specialized chip design, have the features of small package, high brightness, wide angle, anti-static electricity.
●live broadcast:
Support DVI,HDMI,3G/HD/SD three SDI display mode, apply to indoor site for TV programs, VCD, DVD, and live broadcasting etc.
●Easy maintenance:
gloshine exhibition modular design makes installation and maintenance more easier, even can be charged maintenance.
●High quality raw materials:
Imported light-emitting materials, high-quality IC chip, noise-free high power supply; whole screen fanless design, no noise, low power consumption, can be working at temperature range of 0℃-55℃.
●No format limitation:
User can arrange any display modes at will, like display text, graphics,images,animations, video information, with unlimited display amount.
●compatible with synchronism, asynchronous control:
Support simultaneously synchronism and asynchronous control, even if the failures of control computer, it can be still normally displayed.
●Stable PCB quality:
Wave-soldering technology,with green oil oxygen-barrier layer, to prevent humidity,oxidation of the circuit board,extending the lifespan of PCB.
●Painted with Three layer protection:
To protect PCB and related equipment from erosion of hostile environment. Has good function of resistance to high or low temperature. Cured into a transparent protective film, has features of excellent insulation, moisture-proof, leak-proof, shock-proof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion, aging and corona resistance etc.
●Shockproof tested:
Shockproof tested before every shipment, to eliminate cabinet screws or cables connection problems, ensuring no poor connection after long distance transportation. It suitable for long-distance transportation.

Product introduction: Lighter weight, more convenient, with hoisting and locking device, suitable for large area seat mounted and hoisting, no arraying cable inside.

Basic technical parameters of the product


Pixel Pitch4.8mmBest Viewing AngleH:140°V:120°Cabinet materialDie-casting Aluminum
Resolution43402dot/㎡Best Viewing Distance4-30mCabinet Size576mm*576mm
Pixel Configuration1R1G1BFrame frequency60HzCabinet Thickness110mm
LED EncapsulationSMD3528 White LampContrast Ratio500000:1Cabinet Weight11.2KG
Module resolution40*60Transmission distanceCAT 5 network cable transmission distance: 100 metersCabinet Loading Capacity200KG
Cabinet resolution120*120Input VoltageAC 220VModule Size192mm*192mm
Driver ICMBI5224Input currentAC  1.2AProtection LevelIP31
Driver ModeConstant current 1/10Maximum power225W/,900W/㎡Working Temperature-20--+50
Brightness1500cd/㎡Average Power110W/,450W/㎡Working Humidity10%-90%
Color Temperature3200-9500kEarth Leakage Current3.5mA( Ac RMS)Working Life>100000 hours
Grey Scale14bitDielectric strengthAC1500V/ One minute without breakdownCabinet colorblack
Work Rate18.75MHz 
Refresh Rate>1000Hz

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