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Полное описание

FX-P9.37Outdoor Flexible curtain Display

【Product Model NO.】:FX-P9.37
【Best Viewing Distance】:8-50m
【Product overview】:Gloshine P9.37 outdoor flexible curtain display, It is main made up of three colors: red, green and blue; Resolution 11378dots; Pixel Pitch 9.37mm; Cabinet size: 300mmx3000mm(adjustable); Module resolution 32*8,Cabinet weight  3kg.
【Applications】:Stage, motor show , big evening party.

Outdoor led display introduction:

1.Selected high quality led chips with large viewing angle, good flatness, high antistatic rate, low brightness decay and high stability of the wavelength.
2.Standard design of the cabinet, the same size cabinet can be used for different pitch pixel application, which make the advertising led display more convenient.
3.Specialized waterproof design of the cabinet, which fit the protect level of IP65, it can be installed outdoor. The cabinet is fanless design, cool down by the counter flow, which saves a lot of energy.It is sate and environmental friendly.
4.Out led display screen can be use in different climate all over the world, the working temperature is between 30℃ to 50℃, our cabinets is good for moisture proof and resistant to corrosion.
5.The brightness of outdoor led display over 4500cd/sqm, which can be used for different environment. Our design based on energy saving and environmental friendly. And we also use the multi-function card which can adjust the brightness according to different environment.
6.Remote control by wire or wireless are all available, one control centre can control several led display with the function of monitoring smoke, heat and humidity.


●High brightness: we use high brightness led lamps, from the far distance under the sunshine is still visible
●High Evenness: high evenness of the led display which to display more delicate
●High flatness: the flatness rate between each led module should be more or less 0.1mm
●Good performance: Non-linear correction to show clearer image and higher sense of hierarchy
●Patent mask: the unique design of lower inclination in order to reduce waste, and improve viewing angle.
●High reliability: use several kinds of ways of scan of the led module, high stability and reliability.
●Easy to operate: use the common led control software, which makes the control system easier, compatible for synchronization and asynchronization, even for the control computer is broken, the led screen can still work.
●Various Content: the led screen can play all kinds of content(image, characters, 3D, 2D, video and etc.)
Different video format are acceptable. As many as 9 kinds of signal in, present video show are available.
●Rich colors: based from RGB led chips, the grey rate is 14bit which forms 6.8 x 1010 types of color.Which made the led display screen in rich color, high saturation, high resolution.
●Less mistake: Gloshine led display screen body switching power supply substantial increase in efficiency, lower power failure rate.
●Hot spraying: Unit module design uses a high-temperature spray technology, which greatly enhanced rust function
●Traces concise: Cancel aviation head alignment, using fishbone route bus, which reduces the problem of poor contact
●Consistent ink: Using automatic irrigation machines, improved smoothness module; and use high-quality imported glue for plastic irrigation, improved water resistance.
●Circuit board stability: PCB wave soldering process, with green oil and oxygen barrier to prevent the line of wet oxidation, improving the service life;.
●Over three anti-paint: protect circuit boards and related equipment from the bad environment erosion; has good resistance to high temperature performance; its cured into a transparent protective film, with excellent insulation, moisture-proof, leak-proof, shock-proof, dust-proof , anti-corrosion, aging resistance, corona and other properties.
●Waterproof Test: Cabinet before shipment over water, front and back casing is completely waterproof; due to weather outdoor environments running water level is high.
●Vibrate Test: pre-shipment testing for earthquake-resistant body, eliminate cabinet screws wire connection problems; to ensure that the display through the long-distance transport, no bad, suitable for long distance transportation.


Advantage of outdoor led display
1.Large Area, colorful, body bright, modern design, with vivid, simple, clean and so on. Advertising image prominent, easily attract the attention of pedestrians, and easy to remember. In addition, the outdoor advertising mostly inadvertently give the audience a visual stimulus; does not have a compulsive, information likely to be recognized and accepted, and outdoor advertising generally released a longer period, for the area of performance caused by the cumulative effect of the impression
2.moveable, mandatory, appropriateness, effectiveness, etc.
3.Program advantage. Homemade programs, instant playback, rich in content; just have ads, as well as programs, including topics, columns, variety, animation, radio, TV, commercials clearance program
4.Location advantage: Mainly installed in shopping malls and other high traffic centralized location, including LED full color big screen is installed in a landmark location, its spread effect is more shocking, more mandatory. Edit this paragraph outdoor media advantages and disadvantages.
5.Outdoor full color LED display media are widely used in public places, advertising, urban road network, urban parking, railway, subway and other transportation guidance systems, highways, etc.
6.Using VGA sync technology, large-screen content synchronized with the CRT, replace the advertisement content is simple and convenient; large screen, super 
vision, high brightness, long life.

Product introduction:Done special splice, wide viewing angle, light weight, thin, transparent, easy installation and transportation, high refreshment, high grey scale, low-energy.

Basic technical parameters of the product:


Pixel Pitch9.37mmBest Viewing AngleH:140° V:120°Cabinet material:Pc
Resolution11378dot/㎡Best Viewing Distance8-50mCabinet Size300mm*3000mm(adjustable)
Pixel Configuration1R1G1BFrame frequency60HzCabinet Thickness27mm
LED EncapsulationSMD3528 white LampContrast Ratio5000:1Cabinet Weight3KG
Module resolution32*8Transmission distanceCAT 5 network cable transmission distance: 100 metersCabinet Loading Capacity80KG
Cabinet resolution32*320Input VoltageAC 220VModule Size300mm*75mm
Driver ICMBI5050Input currentAC  1.2AProtection LevelIP65
Driver ModeConstant current 1/4Maximum power200W/,400W/㎡Working Temperature-20--+40
Brightness1000cd/㎡Average Power100W/,200W/㎡Working Humidity10%-90%
Color Temperature3200-9500kEarth Leakage Current3.5mA( Ac RMS)Working Life>100000 hours
Grey Scale14bitDielectric strengthAC1500V/ One minute without breakdownCabinet colorblack
Work Rate13.9MHz 
Refresh Rate>1000Hz

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